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this Daisy is a Wolf in disguise
when I asked why wolves
howl they told me
Daisy, can you not hear it?
can you not hear the moon
howling first?
"you are strong, but you
could be stronger"
is the mantra they burden me,
a seven year old, with.
kite strings embellished
with blood keep me dependent
they ask - "what is one more
betrayal? one more death?"
it is nothing when I am
fourteen and twice
as dead as the women next to me.
but I am not dead.
not yet, because they wrench
back God's hand from my body.
at twenty-one my waves
spill into the bloodied ocean
and I can finally
hear the moon's howl.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 89 12
i am a war-mongering hawk,
talons throttling
the cawing of crows.
there are secrets behind
your owl eyes,
broad truths about
restlessness and bloodshed.
my muscles twitch
against the soft rustle of air,
i imagine it to be
no different for you:
the feel of sharpness
pressing against flesh,
pulling, plucking it from bone,
until they are no more.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 38 14
My Hands Smell Like Death
In butchered French,
you called me "mon petit papillon"
and fabricated a throne
until I became your consort.
Unwilling vows held under
jagged, diamond rings.
"But I don't want you. I don't want you."
I was too far gone when
I autopsied your words:
extracted the sternum
of their syllables,
measured their morphemes,
and tested their roots.
Lightweight mesh may hold
the delicate life of
a butterfly, but I am
fangs and claws, matted fur,
and bloodied paws.
You dissected me, but you never
could remove my savagery.
I am cleaning up,
eyes fixated on red
and realize that
bleach reminds me of you--
it smells of death.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 54 23
the aesthetic of being sundered
i had picked up my favorite
vase, thin fingers
sliding across painted sides,
when i realized we are the same.
we are too feeble, too exquisite
for we are composed of ceramic.
i am calm when the vase
peppers the floor, its
sharp edges approaching my feet.
but i am not done.
the slick red contrasts
with the light grey and i
am careful to remove every trace.
"we are broken," i say
"but we can be repaired for
gold dust will seal our
fragmented frames and emphasize
that this is a minuscule event.
we have use yet."
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 107 53
it would seem only the ocean knows of heartbreak
you are a loose cannon tied to my bow,
the seas here are too rough
to keep you on deck.
'this has never stopped you before,' you say.
'i am too old for you', i whisper,
when sleep should grasp my eyelids
and numb my body, but i am awake.
ever awake, ever rocking.
i can not sleep.
froth flays my helm, i become weaker
after every storm.
copper mornings, steeped in expectations
and your cheeriness, can never subdue the tides.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 55 18
every year-long.
This year I will not walk
the same steps as last,
for the ground has shifted,
the earth bounced the underbellies
of continents against rough oceans.
The seasons have changed,
Brought forth on whim's will
And I do not look back on what was
For that is not who I will be;
Look forward to the new things
That you aspire to see
The earth has revolved around
the sun to come to this point again,
It has moved, changed, but
has kept true to itself : churning
its magma with bird songs strung taut
against the wind, and it has taught
me that I am ever-changing too.
Her oceans pull me to the moon
And her night skies brought me love;
The stories her mountains whisper
Give me lion's courage,
While her forests tell secrets
About seduction and silence -
How I could have ever been me
Without living through her first,
I know not --
But she is, indeed,
The greatest mentor
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 34 37
ode to the seasons
spring-tide warmth is tickling toes
as fawns nuzzle my heels,
urging me forward into
the ocean of fallen blossoms.
petals plunge against my ankles and
buds waft across the meadow
to land, swirling, ballerina-like
into my open hands.
syrupy heat saunters alongside me
and pushes me forth,
onto the expanse of a
night-sky draped, emerald summer.
crickets trill their songs while
meadowlarks nestle in their nests.
i am cocooned in humidity and peace.
leaves change colors answering
the call of time, bright oranges,
reds, yellows, slowly fade to
the same dry wrinkled brown.
the fallen leaves give way to
the great gusts of cold wind,
playing upon the breeze in a
final salute to their former glory.
cold and snow play outside
my frosted window panes,
calling to me to come out
and join them in their frolicking.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 29 23
i will not tolerate anything but love from you
I left lithe lilies
on your porch step,
petals open, smooth
with the sun's caress.
You left me frost flowers.
icy stems cracking with
the slightest touch.
'But they are beautiful,'
you pleaded as I poured
water onto them, melting
their wintry exterior.
'They are, but I despise
winter because you always
leave me icebound.'
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 65 69
Pyres aren't just for the dead.
I am a fire-starter;
all dragon's breath,
birthed by flame.
When you finally said
you needed me, I was
already reborn. Ash smeared
along my face,
fire drizzling my body.
I'm not the girl you were
hoping for, darling.
Too wild for your clammy
hands to grip and sculpt,
I am blazing, igniting.
My hands house infernos, my
heart is now a hearth.
I do not need
you to keep me warm.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 65 53
a full moon will not bring me back
I have learned that there
is a sudden peace
when one has tired of running
all their life.
I have learned that you
should have let me go,
far sooner than you did
because wolves need
to be free. They
need to ravage the dead;
they spear-head the desire
for distance.
Remember, darling, when
I told you:
"Do not let me touch you,
for I will break you"?
Oh how I throttled your
cawing with pearl-plated paws
and parted apologies.
You swooned over my love,
while I howled for the night.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 43 31
You tell me to breathe in
the scent of my tea:
Apple Cinnamon Spice,
it is crisp and infusing
the aroma into my lips.
Honey coasts along my spoon,
apple biting into its
golden flavor. Cinnamon bursts
forth for a brief moment and I am
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 53 33
You didn't even perform an autopsy
You placed me in the bed of a sarcophagus.
I asked, "Isn't this where you put dead people?"
"Then why am I here?"
"You're dead, of course."
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 21 16
I am afraid of monsters like you.
Bones and sinew cling
to the part of me
that is not human,
the part of me that
is yours.
Your lips are ready
to pounce mine when
you lace my neck with
the collar of hope.
It hangs too tightly.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 72 38
confessions in a crowded place
i. When I was with you
I could not write about
love in any tense.
ii. I'm a mess
because of you.
iii. Somedays I think that
I don't remember how
your smile tilted
slightly to the right.
iv. There are more days
when I wish I could forget.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 40 20
Lover, I will try to forget you.
The moon is braiding
her sighs into my hair
as I tell her 'I
dislike the thought
of being perfect.
Even more because
I always tried for him.'
There is turbulence
in these bones as he
ghosts past me and
into the skyline.
Perhaps it is time
I stop following.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 45 18
I have lines to cross
and skeletons to shatter,
because halted mercy
resides in these hands.
But I will not
show mercy with you.
Today is painted
with pinstripes and broken
nails, it is when
you decide I am
good enough to be
But I made myself worse,
when I was with you.
:iconseaboundstars:seaboundstars 136 89


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